As Baharyolu & Co Ltd., our company commits to obey the legal requirements related to our services and providing products that were producted in a hygienic and healthy environment to our customers; to apply ISO9001 and HACCP quality management system through integrating in accordance with United Nations’ s Codex Alimentarius guide in order to increase the customer satisfaction to the highest level as possible; to purchase healthy and certified-quality products from our suppliers; to provide the opportunities and possibilities that personnel can improve their skills and experiences by training them; to take part in export, import and all possible commercial sale activities. Our company also promise and adopted as quality policy to increase the current customer profile, together with different promotions, advertisement techniques, social facilities, wide range of private and general services that we present studiously. In this direction, by being charged with functional level through our data analysis, quality system followed and the results are recorded and reviewed continuosly at official report reviews. The data analysis in our company are committed to be open, conclusive, and registered that can be transmitted by related parties.

Director of Baharyolu & Co Ltd.