Baharyolu was established in 1998 as a family company, with the aim of serving consumers via spice importation, service, packaging, and small size consumer packaging. In the very beginning, it was launched in a 30 m² premise with 4-people , currently it continues its activities in 1200 m² premises. Our company is committed to apply ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP principles thereunder the United Nation’s Codex Alimentarius guidance by entegrating them, to purchase healthy and gualified quality products from our suppliers; to provide opportunities to our personnel to improve their skills and experiences by training them; to be in importation, exportation and all possible commercial sale activities. Besides our Baharyolu brand products, we are enlarging our product portfolio by adding distributor services of varying product groups to our improving commercial activities. Our institution believes in customer satisfaction so its focus point and working principles were constructed on customers’ demands. We are proud of serving you, our valuable customers with our motto “ The best product, the most affordable price” together with our experienced, professional personnel and our sectorial back demand.
As our company conducting spice and food activities, our mission is to perform all the activities in accordance with customers’ needs by using hygienic, economic, quality, the best available raw materials and the best technology with the most effective marketing techniques. In addition, our aim is to increase the customer satisfaction to the highest level by improving producting and distribution activities in accordance with ISO9001 and HACCP food safety procedures Our company is also contributing to usuance and to the national economy by presenting sale, distribution and marketing activities of the products that we are holding the franchise.
Our vision is to contribute to our national producting industry by; conveying healthy food products to our customers; being pacesetter with its realiability and quality; being respectful to customers’ needs; following the technology; giving primacy to education; supporting team work and promoting the staff’s improvement by determining goals.